Hedge Fund Services

A high-performing hedge fund or investment partnership requires more than a clearly defined investment strategy and prudent selection of assets. The most successful funds entrust their back office operations to a professional, experienced hedge fund administration firm, freeing the manager’s time for other tasks.

Solona Fund LLC offers a complete range of support services that are tailored to meet each client’s individual needs. We go beyond simple bookkeeping and tax preparation to serve as a true partner, working closely with investment managers to help you meet your objectives. Our clients look to Solona Fund LLC for administrative, tax, investor, fund start-up, and outsourced CFO services, and they are confident that we employ the most up-to-date investment management software, including Advent Geneva and PerTrac, to ensure accuracy and efficiency.


Hedge Fund Administration

Preparation of all accounting records, including financial statements, balance sheets and income statements, calculation of Net Asset Values, review of offering documents and recommended operational procedures, coordination of the annual audit process, including preparation of financial statements in conformity with generally-accepted accounting principles and internal accounting services for newly SEC registered hedge funds.


Hedge Fund Investor Services

Preparing investor account statements and fund performance reports, maintaining shareholder registers and partners’ capital accounts, assisting with regulatory compliance and reporting and fee calculations, including equalization and share series.


Outsourced CFO Services

Professional advice on all operational and organizational issues, FINOP services, assistance with establishing internal controls, accounting policies, and financial procedures, offshore services, including registered offices, bank accounts, and registered transfer agents and assistance with all year-end processes and procedures.


Middle Office Services

Provide newly SEC registered hedge funds with firm books and records, pursuant to SEC requirements, monthly reconciliation to Administrator’s records, balance sheets and income statements.


Hedge Fund Start-Up Services

Providing professional advice on structuring your fund, establishing operational procedures, accounting policies, internal controls, and best practices to ensure transparency and accountability, offering guidance on SEC registration, ERISA/pension assets, and related issues and providing guidance on jurisdictional issues and tax implications.


Hedge Fund Tax Services

Accurate, timely preparation of all federal, state and local tax returns, preparation of all tax reporting documents, including K-1, 1099, and 1042 and comprehensive planning designed to minimize the fund’s tax liability.