Hedge Fund Start-Up Services

Launching a new hedge fund can be a daunting task. There are mountains of regulations to navigate, critical policies and procedures to implement, and important legal hoops to jump through. Investors have high expectations that can be met only by getting your fund off to a strong start, and that begins with finding a capable administrative partner like the New York hedge fund administration firm Solona Fund LLC.

Our experienced hedge fund administration team can provide the professional guidance you need to structure your fund, establish good management practices, and build an infrastructure that will provide a solid framework for success. We are committed to complete confidentiality and we have a proven track record of helping our clients address every aspect of setting up a new hedge fund or investment partnership. Once your fund is up and running, we can provide on-going services that free your manager from a multitude of administrative tasks.

Among our specialized services for hedge fund start-ups are:

  • Providing professional advice on structuring your fund
  • Establishing operational procedures, accounting policies, internal controls, and best practices to ensure transparency and accountability
  • Offering guidance on SEC registration, ERISA/pension assets, and related issues
  • Portfolio valuation
  • Providing guidance on jurisdictional issues and tax implications
  • Designing models to test diverse performance fee variations
  • Identifying, recruiting, and coordinating a team of service providers including prime brokers, legal counsel and audit firms
  • Reviewing start-up documents such as offering memorandum
  • Managing planning meetings


To see how you can create a future through Hedge Fund Strat-Up Services, please schedule a 45 minutes video meeting with us.