Who We Are

Solona Fund

Our Mission

Everything we do are inspired by our mission to create a sustainable and peaceful world that works for everyone to enjoy loving and happy life.
我们的使命是创造一个和平的可持续发展的世界,让每个人过上充满爱的快乐的生活。敬请志同道合的您与我们联系。微信:JinhongZhangUSChina 或 949-397-0189

Our investment philosophy is centered around working collaboratively with existing management teams to help drive operating results and innovation. We execute through a partnership-driven approach supported by a set of management principles, operating metrics and business processes. We support our companies by investing in growth initiatives and strategic acquisitions designed to drive long-term value.

Our Values

Centered around two pillars of partnership and innovation

Solona Fund demonstrated success in driving growth and innovation is a result of our focus on delivering superior value centered around open, collaborative and respectful partnerships. Our values reflect our commitment and entrepreneurial approach to these partnerships.

Superior Value

Seek to deliver excellent operating results at our companies and superior investment results for our investors.

Strong Partnerships

Develop and maintain close and long-term relationships with our investors, company executives and valued colleagues.


Build trust by being transparent with our partners and taking responsibility for our actions, decisions and results.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Have a bias for action and focus on what we believe makes a significant impact.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Draw upon the diverse strengths of team members to help create exceptional outcomes.

Respect and Fun

Be mindful of individuals’ interests and passions, and create an environment that promotes their success, personal growth and happiness.

We invest in our companies not only monetary capital, but also our expertise in strategic creation, operation, and fund raising, including IPO related advisories.

Our fundamental values allow us to balance seemingly divergent ideas to create an environment that fosters excellence. We believe that we can be successful yet humble. Competitive yet approachable. Have extremely high expectations of our team and portfolio companies, yet give them the authority and responsibility to empower them to execute and succeed. We truly live these values each day, and we believe they will manifest themselves in making Solona Fund one of the world’s leading and most successful hedge funds.