Middle Office Services

Solona Fund LLC offers Hedge Fund Middle Office services for hedge funds or asset managers including preparing and maintaining the books and records for firms newly registered with the SEC. Outsourcing the daily operations is not only less expensive than hiring a staff and building out technology to support this function, but it also allows fund managers to focus on their core competencies including attending to investors, making good investment decisions and managing risk.

In addition, with our support you’ll easily navigate the reporting and transparency requirements required by regulators and investors. Your operational risk will also be lower when you engage our team of experts who can consistently demonstrate best practices and provide infrastructure that is tested and proven reliable. Our investment management software, including Advent Geneva and PerTrac, ensures accuracy and efficiency.

Our middle office outsourcing services include:

  • Trade clearance and settlement 
  • Prime broker trade notification 
  • Risk Management reporting and analysis
  • Transparency
  • System of Record Maintenance
  • Reconciliation
  • Profit and Loss reporting and analysis


To see how you can create a future through Middle Office Services which can help your firm reduce operational risks and lower staff and technology costs while helping you satisfy your investors' need for independent valuation and your operations workflow, please schedule a 45 minutes video meeting with us.