Hedge Fund Administration

Keeping up with the details is critical to maintaining a profitable hedge fund. Solona Fund LLC offers a broad spectrum of hedge fund admininistration services to support both fledgling investment partnerships and those that have been operating for many years.

As an experienced, independent hedge fund administration firm, we begin by working with the fund manager to establish an infrastructure that ensures complete transparency and accountability. Our commitment to meeting deadlines, offering innovative solutions and providing personalized service has made us the go-to back-office partner for a growing number of managers who want their investors to have complete confidence in the fund’s administration and financial reporting.

Our fund administration and accounting services:

  • Calculation of Net Asset Values
  • Review of offering documents and recommended operational procedures
  • Preparation of all accounting records, including financial statements, balance sheets and income statements
  • Fund-of-fund accounting
  • Internal accounting services for newly SEC registered hedge funds (middle office)
  • Preparation and on-going maintenance of investor capital-account journals
  • Calculation of fund statistics, management and performance fees, and incentive allocation provisions
  • Verification and recording of income and expense accounts
  • Recording of investors’ capital contributions and withdrawals
  • Accounting for multi-series, multi-class, and master-feeder structures
  • Coordination of the annual audit process, including preparation of financial statements in conformity with generally-accepted accounting principles


To see how you can create a future through Hedge Fund Adminstration, please schedule a 45 minutes video meeting with us.