Hedge Fund Investor Services

In managing a successful hedge fund in today’s complex, highly-regulated world, transparency is paramount. Solona Fund LLC helps our clients handle their relationships with current and potential investors with clear communications and reliable oversight, freeing more time for investment managers to focus on building the fund’s portfolio.

Our fund administration and accounting services:

  • Preparing investor account statements and fund performance reports
  • Maintaining shareholder registers and partners’ capital accounts
  • Assisting with regulatory compliance and reporting, including anti-money laundering, USA Patriot Act, ERISA, Blue Sky, and recognized stock exchanges
  • Maintaining investor static data and subscription bank accounts Side-pocket processing
  • Maintaining contact databases for investors rebate, commission and trail processing
  • Assisting with capital call activity
  • Maintaining share and partnership register
  • Subscription, transfer, and redemption processing
  • Share series administration
  • Investor allocation and reporting
  • Fee calculations, including equalization and share series


To see how you can create a future through Hedge Fund Investor Services with our team of professional hedge fund administrators, which will take time to get to know you and your business, then develop a plan for how we can help facilitate the relationship between your fund and its investors, please schedule a 45 minutes video meeting with us.